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Hey there!

I'm stoked you're here. My name is Sierra Kinkade, I'm an outdoor photographer and videographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I feel so lucky that I've been able to make a career out of my two greatest passions of being in the outdoors and story telling through my camera. My passion for photography began as I started traveling around the world to places like Iceland, Chile and Tanzania. I genuinely enjoyed documenting these incredible experiences and found that sharing my work with others was something very fulfilling to me. My love for video came a little later as I began to recognize the power and effect that it could have on people, including myself. I love the power film can have and the way it moves people and lets them feel certain emotionsWith everything I create, I hope to spark something in people that will motivate them to follow their passions or to get out into the beautiful outdoors.


These past few years have led me to incredible opportunities to work with some amazing brands such as Sundance Mountain Resort, Kuhl, Fezzari and Chums. I love getting to help brands tell their story and represent them as I am out on my own outdoor adventures.

Sierra Kinkade



- Sundance Mountain Resort

- Kuhl

- Roam Humanitarian

- Nomad Soul

- Olive + Tweed

- Fezzari

- Chums

- Charity Vision

- Work + Wonder

"Sierra’s passion for the outdoors and her natural talent behind a camera come together in beautiful photography and video captures not only what one sees, but what one might feel if they were there themselves. She finds great fulfillment in moments when she uses her gifts and talents to not only explore God’s creations, but to help others cherish what matters most to them."

Work + Wonder


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