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My love for creating videos began with traveling and so any chance I get the opportunity to travel for work it's almost impossible to pass up. I was beyond excited to explore Tanzania with Roam Humanitarian. I love everything they stand for and believe in. Justin and Lindsay genuinely have a passion for benefitting the lives of others in different countries and work so hard to put their vision into action. Their trips are the perfect balance of hard work, fun and completely embracing yourself in the culture. I would highly recommend this trip for any family looking to have an experience of a lifetime! They are currently guiding trips in Tanzania, Peru and Fiji. 


For as long as I have known Flor, she has always had such a beautiful and calming light about her. I was so excited to create something that would capture that light and pair it with her beautiful words about what she has come to know about meditating and grounding yourself. // This was filmed in the Little Sahara Sand Dunes, Utah. 

This trip was a life long dream that became a reality! I had imagined these beautiful glaciers and mountains for so long and I'll never forget the feeling of experiencing it all for the first time. I've been so blessed to have friends who are willing to go on these spontaneous trips with me and it was so special to experience this place with these two girls! I'm so happy that I was able to capture this trip in an artistic but authentic way to have as something to remember these incredible moments. 

I will take any chance I can to celebrate women. I feel so grateful for the women in my life who have each inspired me and helped to become the person that I am. The world is a better place when we recognize our own strength and importance that we have.

This incredibly talented lady is my little sister! I have always been in awe at her natural talent with art. It has been so fun to see her become passionate about ceramics and create the most beautiful pieces.

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